This is a story all about how
my business was started and
kicked off the ground.
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Hey. I’m Simay…

But some people call me funny!

My life story is similar to the millions around the world, except I like to see the bright side of everything and add fun to it. When creating my brand, I imagined everything that is fun and free-spirit and made it come to life.

I started this business in my living room with my daughter, thinking about the names and products. From that
mother-daughter talk, we evolved our idea to be this fully-fledged e-commerce brand. I knew I wanted to do something more fun with my life than the regular 9 to 6 job. This new thing had to be different, fun, and unique to me and my character.

My products are all about spreading happiness and good in your life. When you wear my Kailani, wrap yourself with my Palupalu and flip flop in my Floppy Flips you should only be having FUN!